The SSSniperwolf and Jacksfilms Controversy Explained

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Notable Youtube personality and Twitch streamer SSSniperwolf, real name Alia, has found herself caught in a controversy with another content creator, John, that goes by the moniker Jacksfilms. SSSniperwolf has garnered over 33 million subscribers on YouTube, while Jacksfilms is nearly at 5 million. Both have been on the platform for several years at this point, though it doesn’t appear that the two get along.

Recent interactions with one another on social media have caught the attention of not only both their fan bases, but the wider internet as well. Interestingly enough, the feud between the two is not recent and actually dates back to at least October 2022. Controversy among content creators is not a new concept, but for this pair, it doesn’t seem like the debate will be dying anytime soon.

SSSniperwolf first rose to prominence for playing games such as Call of Duty. Since starting her YouTube in 2013, she’s been involved in her fair share of controversy. For example, when she won “Favorite Gamer” in Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards in 2019, some of the gaming community disagreed with her winning over Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, or Ninja.

In 2023, however, SSSniperwolf is mostly known for her reaction content, which seems to earn her the most views. This includes reacting to TikToks and Dhar Mann videos. She does still occasionally record gameplay for short games like Pineapple on Pizza, though it is far less common.

The drama began after it was reported in April 2022 that SSSniperwolf and her then-boyfriend, Evan Sausage, purchased a 7 million dollar mansion in Arizona. Jacksfilms made a video titled “SSSniperwolf” in October in which he announced he made a secondary channel called “JJJacksfilms” because he was so “inspired” by her reaction content. He goes on to ask his audience, to “help [him] get a mansion too.”

The content of JJJacksfilms came across as sardonic, with some videos showcasing John simply adding his own face cam on top of SSSniperwolf’s reaction content and adding commentary. Having his thumbnails look like hers saw some backlash, though it’s not the first time a creator has been criticized for a thumbnail. The feud between the two heated up on June 22, 2023, after a post from the YouTube Creators’ Twitter.

Jacksfilms responded to this tweet with screenshots of SSSniperwolf’s TikTok reaction videos and a brief caption of an emoji with sunglasses, a thumbs up, and a heart. Others followed suit, claiming that SSSniperwolf steals ideas from others. Some even accused her content of being low effort.

SSSniperwolf replied in a tweet on June 28 with, “wahhh I can’t stand that a female YouTuber is getting more views than me…” She continued in a few more tweets, stating that she hasn’t seen male react creators getting criticized and that Jacksfilms was just mad that his alternate channel didn’t “blow up and get millions of views.” She also commented on his hairline, though she quickly deleted the tweet. Regardless, her overall perspective on the matter is that being successful with her content is harder than it looks.

The most recent response is from a video John uploaded to his YouTube on June 29. In it, he reads her tweets while also watching one of her videos. It wouldn’t be surprising if SSSniperwolf decided to retaliate with her own video or another controversial tweet.

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